Half Full, Half Empty, Half Something

Maybe you should quit.  When you don’t succeed, you are disappointed, and you may want to quit.  I’m going to tell you why maybe you should. 

Its only been one month.  I started this blog then, and now I can reflect.  You should reflect on what you are doing too.  I had high expectations for this blog, and for so many other things.  I’ve failed in just about every one of them.  That’s the half empty perspective.  I know you’ve had this experience too.  The flip side of that is that even when we don’t meet our expectations, we’ve probably made some progress.  Maybe your progress was simply in identifying some avenues that didn’t help you meet your goal – that is knowledge and there is value there.  You are that much closer. 

We are learning that perspective is tremendously important.  I call perspective our unconscious visualization.  Perspective afterall, is how we see things.  The most successful people are those that visualize what they are going to achieve long before they achieve it.  The difference between those and most, is that they consciously do the visualization exercises. 

What do you envision for yourself?  Do you see the glass as half empty or half full? Both are historical views.  Look instead to the future, and see the glass full.

When reality doesn’t meet expectations, you should quit.  Quit looking at things that way.  Instead, recognize that reality rarely meets expectations.  You should be setting your goals high, and there will be failures.   We need to reflect on the past, but focus on the future – visualize your future. 

Seeing the colors demonstrates the effect that visualization and perspective can have on your life. 


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